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Tomorrow’s professionals deserve affordable quality, and Peco Sales can help you deliver. Because we carry such a diverse selection of products, you can outfit students with the necessary (and often difficult to source) tools that they need. For the classroom or for the field, virtually every major – from agronomy to zoology – can be sourced through a single source: Peco Sales.

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College Bookstore/Scientific Equipment Retailers
Environmental / Oil Field Suppliers
Farm & Ranch Suppliers
Fire Fighting / Search & Rescue Suppliers
Forestry and Arborist Suppliers
Geology, Mining and Archaeology Suppliers
Golf Course & Landscape Suppliers
Hardware / Building Supply & Rental Services
Nursery & Garden Suppliers
Pest Control Equipment Suppliers
Safety Supply Stores
Satellite Communications Industry Suppliers
Sporting Goods Retailers
Survey & Engineering Supply Stores
Wood Flooring & Paint Retailers
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Altimeters & Barometers Clinometers Magnifiers & Monoculars
Anemometers/Wind Speed Instruments Compasses Microscopes
Aquatic Supplies/Equipment Data Loggers Orienteering Teaching Aids
Archaeology Tools and Equipment Drafting Aids Psychrometers
Books, Arboriculture Educational Kits & Program Equipment Rain Gauges
Books, Environmental Entomological Equipment Scales & Balances
Books, Field Guides Field Books Scales, Drafting & Engineering
Books, Forestry Flagging, Roll Sheet Holders/Clipboards
Books, Geology Geology Tools & Sieves Software, Forestry Management
Books, Surveying & Mapping Global Positioning Systems (GPS) Soil & Rock Charts
Books, Wetlands Herbarium Supplies/Botanical Equipment/Plant Presses Thermometers
Books, Wildland Firefighting Insect Repellents Weather Stations
Books, Wildlife & Biology Labware Wildlife Management
Calculators, Computers, Data Collectors Laser Pointers  



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