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Silva® Ranger® with Built-In Clinometer

SKU: 37035   Availability: In Stock Specs:   Weight: 13.8 oz
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Rotating compass dial with graduations every 2°. Swedish steel needle pivots on a liquid damped, sapphire jeweled bearing. Built-in magnetic declination adjustment screw. Mirror-sighting with luminous points. Needle orienting arrow and lines. Map magnifier. Clear protractor baseplate has inch scale edge (graduated in 20ths), millimeter scale edge and Romer Scales of 1:24,000, 1:25,000, and 1:50,000. Clinometer reads to ±90°. 2-1/4” x 4” closed. Lanyard and instructions included.

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37040 Leather Compass Case with Belt Loop, Large
For use with mirrored compasses, KB-14 Compasses, and PM5 Clinometers in Yellow Protective Case (Stock Number 37002). Internal Dimensions: 3.75”H x 2.5”W x 1”D.
Specs: None

In Stock

37069 Padded Nylon Compass Case with Belt Loop
Nylon case for Silva compasses.
Specs: None

In Stock


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Rating:   Poor on 12/16/2013
Author:   Anonymous
Occupation:   I am a outdoors backpacker and camper.
Comments:   Times have changed. My first Silva Ranger was made in Sweden, and worked for 20 years without a hitch until it was stolen. I got this Ranger to replace it. The dial was so loose it would not keep a compass bearing locked in reliably. It then developed a large bubble. The new Silvas are not Swedish-made but come from Indonesia. I will not be getting another.

Rating:   Great on 2/19/2013
Author:   Hickman
Comments:   They have changed back to the old style bezel and mirror. Every silva is guaranteed for life. They sent me a new one apparently just like the one that gave me 30 years of great service. I'm happy.

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