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Suunto® KB-14 Precision Global Compasses

SKU: 37070   Availability: In Stock Specs:   Weight: 7.7 oz
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Features optical adjustment. Heavy-duty impact and corrosion resistant aluminum housings are flat and compact with no protruding or adjustable parts. Needle cards are immersed in a clear, low-viscosity liquid damping for smooth, vibration-free movement. Needle cards pivot on polished sapphire bearing. ...

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37002 Protective Rubber Cover for Suunto KB-14 Compass
Specs: None

In Stock

37011 Leather Compass Case with Belt Loop, Medium
For use with KB-14 Compasses and PM5 Clinometers. Internal Dimensions: 3”H x 2.25”W x .75”D.
Specs: None

In Stock

37004 Suunto Cordura Compass Case with Velcro Closure, 5-3/4” x 4-5/8”
Specs: None

In Stock


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Rating:   Great on 3/13/2016
Author:   Anonymous
Comments:   I have had one of these for 20 years and recently broke the glass casing on it. It was always true and led me in the right direction. It was the envy of all my Surveyor friends. Accurate and durable. Highly recommend to anyone in the Land Surveying or Forestry profession.

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