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Tecnu® Cleanser

Removes poison oils and prevents irritant from spreading.

SKU: 25329   Availability: In Stock Specs:   Weight: 4.3 oz
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This skin cleanser removes the poison oils of poison oak, ivy, and sumac from your skin – preventing an irritating rash in most cases. To use, wash skin thoroughly with full strength cleanser as soon as possible after suspected exposure. Rinse with cold water! If rash has started, cleanser stops itching and promotes natural healing. Available in bottles or convenient individual packets.


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Rating:   Great on 9/6/2013
Author:   Jim
Occupation:   Farm worker
Comments:   Excellent product. Stops itching post exposure

Rating:   Great on 8/6/2011
Author:   Anonymous
Occupation:   I am an avid hiker.
Comments:   If I wash my legs with Tecnu after each outing in the woods, I avoid getting poison ivy altogether or get only a mild case. It's also great for decontaminating my socks that have been exposed to poison ivy.

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